Act Fast! Precision Pro Rangefinders Have Up To 23% Off Right Now

Act Fast! Precision Pro Rangefinders Have Up To 23% Off Right Now

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Whether you’re an experienced golfer or a moderately handicapped golfer, using a laser rangefinder is a great way to take the guesswork out of your game and get accurate yardages on targets ahead.

However, as many gamers know, some of the best rangefinders on the market are definitely not cheap, which may deter many players from buying them. The good news is that today is Amazon Prime Day, and we’re bringing you two deals on precision laser rangefinders that you don’t want to miss.

Precision NX7 Golf Rangefinder

Precision NX7 Golf Rangefinder

(Image source: Precision)

The first thing to note about the Precision NX7 is how much extra functionality you’re really getting for your money. Many of the most affordable rangefinders offer basic features, but with the NX7 you get free lifetime battery replacement, 90-day hassle-free returns, a trade-in allowance, and a manufacturer’s warranty against defects for the first two years of ownership. All this for less than $160!

In addition to extra features, Precision has clearly considered design and appearance. It’s very stylish, and it stands out from other models on the market thanks to its black and green color scheme. But importantly, in addition to the streamlined shape, there’s also grippy rubber when you’re attacking your target. The material is sticky and very easy to grip, and its tactile feel keeps you still while aiming at flags or hazards.

Aesthetically, the NX7 ticked all the boxes, while in terms of accuracy, Precision claims it’s accurate to within a yard. The range is 650 yards, which is more than enough, and even if your hands are shaking, the target acquisition technology can lock you on the target. The main highlight, though, is a feature you’ll often find in the best golf GPSs, the NX7 has a slope function that calculates yardage based on undulations and terrain. While this has to be turned off during tournaments, it’s handy during practice rounds and when playing with a buddy.

Precision NX9 Tilt Laser Rangefinder

Precision NX9 tilting laser rangefinder on white background

(Image source: Amazon)

Another available model is the Precision NX9 Incline Rangefinder, which you could say is a more technical version. First, it has several new features and is one of the easiest rangefinders on the market.

With many of the same aspects as the NX7, such as pulse vibration technology, its range of up to 900 yards means it can be used for other activities as well as golf. It also features 6x magnification, allowing you to clearly visualize targets set ahead and, again, use the slope tool to hone your yardage. Additionally, the laser comes with the same warranty and guarantee as the NX7.

Aesthetically, it has the same sleek look as the NX7, but the NX9 also has silver magnetic handles on the sides that you can use to stick to metal posts on your golf cart. This means no more fussing with your bag or rangefinder case during your races.

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