Is This The Biggest Deal On Prime Day Yet? The Callaway XR Package Set Is Available With $300 Off

Is This The Biggest Deal On Prime Day Yet? The Callaway XR Package Set Is Available With $300 Off

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Some of the world’s best golfers, including Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele and Sam Burns, use Callaway golf balls gear and trust it to help them cross the finish line while competing on the PGA Tour. However, Callaway is also known for producing some of the best golf clubs and some of the best golf sets for high handicappers.

As a golf novice, it can be a little daunting to assemble a set with so many makes and models of clubs. But Callaway makes it easy to buy your first or new full set of quality clubs with XR sets. Marked down for a limited time, along with many other Amazon Prime Day golf deals, this bundle is heavily discounted and we think it’s worth a shout-out.

The kit offers a total of 12 clubs including a 10.5° driver, 3 woods, hybrids, a set of irons from 5 irons to wedges, clearance wedges, sand wedges and putters. Callaway really does cover the wide angles of the bag in a perfect way while producing a very premium looking club.

The woods have a matte black finish, and the irons in the set look clean, but have enough cavity and a thick topline to inspire confidence at strike like many of the best irons for beginners.

The putters are what really help the XR kit stand out from other kits on the market. The Odyssey DFX #7 is a great mallet putter with an extremely soft face and multiple alignment aids on top. This putter shape is a regular feature in some of the best golf putters released each year, not just the best Odyssey putters.

These clubs alone perform great and look great in the 7-way divider Callaway XR stand-up bag. Sure, it looks smart, is very smart, and like all the best stand-up bags has plenty of storage. Plus, it easily mounts to some of the best golf carts if you don’t want to carry it around.

We love the Callaway XR suit so much, it earned a five-star rating in our full review and a spot on our 2023 Editors’ Choice. So if you’re thinking about starting golf and need a new set of clubs, with 22% off and $300 off the Callaway XR set, we think you should grab it now!

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