Need Some New Golf Balls? Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls Are On Sale This Prime Day

Need Some New Golf Balls? Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls Are On Sale This Prime Day

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Callaway’s extensive experience in producing some of the best golf equipment around means it’s trusted by players of all abilities – from players at the peak of their game to social players. Some of the best Callaway golf balls are some of the top models in golf today, and the Hex Soft golf ball is proof of that. What’s more, they’re available for 20 percent off on Amazon during Prime Day. For any high handicap player looking for a new bag, this is definitely a deal you should check out.

Callaway HEX Soft Golf Ball Review

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The first thing to note about the hex softballs is that they are advertised as distance balls, but they don’t feel as solid as we’d expect from them to help you increase your playing yardage.

In fact, we tested them a few rounds and found that this golf ball provides excellent feel through impact, and the low-compression core helps players achieve higher ball speeds and longer distances on long-distance games. It also does mean that this is one of the best golf balls for slower swing players looking to hit the ball in the air and hit the fairway for more distance.

Callaway Hex Soft Golf Ball Review

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This works in tandem with the trimer cover on the Hex Soft, which also feels very soft on short hits, but may lack the amount of spin you might find in some of the best premium golf balls.

Even so, the Hex Soft does a pretty good job of providing control, making it a great choice for high-handicap players looking for a durable golf ball that offers a lot of control around the golf course. It also means it does hold a lot of value, and when we tested golf balls, it wore very little. Plus, with Amazon offering a 20% discount, golfers looking to improve will love this great distance option from Callaway.

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