Our 4 Favorite Golf Package Sets Are All On Sale During Amazon Prime Day

Our 4 Favorite Golf Package Sets Are All On Sale During Amazon Prime Day

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Beginners in golf can indeed feel bewildered when it comes to choosing golf clubs. Obviously, there are many, many manufacturers on the market with brands that make equipment tailored to specific types of golfers. Some will be for low handicap players, some will be for high handicap players, and some will be for those just starting their golf journey.

Understandably, trying to figure out which clubs are best for your game can be overwhelming, especially when you have to factor price into the equation. However, some of the best golf club sets are an excellent alternative to bags that cost you thousands of dollars.

Not only do they give users the basics they need to play golf, but the best golf club sets for beginners are better than ever, and the quality of clubs and bags has improved dramatically over the past decade. Right now, four of our favorite models are on sale at significant discounts during the Amazon Prime Day sale, and not only have we tested them, but at the time of writing, they’re some of the cheapest we’ve seen!

We started with the Callaway XR bundle, which not only saves $300, but also earned a 5 out of 5 star rating in our tests. The kit offers a total of 12 clubs including a 10.5° driver, 3 woods, hybrids, a set of irons from 5 irons to wedges, clearance wedges, sand wedges and putters.

In short, Callaway really does cover the wide angles of the bag in a flawless manner while producing a very premium looking club. The woods feature a matte black crown, with the Odyssey DFX #7 being the standout of this set. This putter shape is featured frequently in some of the best golf putters released each year, with irons and wedges featuring a thick topline that promotes confidence when hitting the ball.

First of all, Strata sets come in many different versions, with the Ultimate Edition being a 16-piece set, but there are also 9, 12 or 14-piece options to choose from. Overall, everyone has a tolerance that will help those starting out on their golf journey.

In this set, we were particularly impressed with the driver and irons, whose forgiveness and ease of launch make it one of the cheapest golf club sets on the market. For irons, the topline is nice and thick to inspire confidence at aim, and the generous amount of offset should suit those who tend to hook the ball.

As far as the driver goes, it has a 460cc head and a regular flex shaft for maximum forgiveness among the toughest clubs in the bag. Many faces can be seen on the scene, and with the big head, it looks very attractive.

TaylorMade’s players include the likes of Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler and Tiger Woods, and the company also caters to those who don’t have the best skills in the world.

While slightly pricier, TaylorMade has put together a truly impressive 12-club lineup that combines good looks with plenty of forgiveness to deliver an all-around performance that definitely lives up to its name. Like the rest of the kit, the irons have a thicker topline to help with confidence and forgiveness, and the gray finish on top of the woods combined with a small amount of green flash means they look fantastic.

Where the set is more premium is in the wedges and putters, both of which exude a slightly more compact aesthetic. That doesn’t mean they’re hard to hit, far from it, and what’s more, the feel is also very good and attractive, which will appeal to a wide range of golfers.

The PXG 0211 Z golf club set earns a spot in our 2022 Editors’ Choice Awards, with the main highlight being the look of each club, especially the driver. It has an almost invisible color and looks stunning when behind the ball, with a matte top and a simple white X showing you the center of the face from above.

Looking through the bag, you can see that the set was designed with forgiveness in mind, with the irons and hybrids providing a lot of weight behind the face, which, as you can guess, is evident at address. The only small issue with the room is the price, but, for a quality product that lasts, you’ll get your money’s worth over time.

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