Planning A Golf Holiday? The Ogio 2023 Travel Cover Is On Sale During Prime Day

Planning A Golf Holiday? The Ogio 2023 Travel Cover Is On Sale During Prime Day

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As golfers, we know how nerve-wracking it can be to take golf clubs on vacation, so we know firsthand how important a good travel bag is. The top model features hard and durable materials and is padded where you need it most for excellent protection. One of the brands we’ve had hands-on with is Ogio, and we believe some of the best golf travel bags on the market come from that brand, and while some models may be pricier, we’ve found the Ogio Travel 2023 offering during Amazon Prime Day cover.

The one thing the best Ogio golf bags have in common is that each one features a high level of durability and ample storage options, perfect for keeping all your equipment safe. The situation is similar for the Ogio 2023 travel cover.

Starting with the looks, Ogio designed these travel covers in a number of cool finishes, from striking Bananarama, Sugar Skulls, Cyber ​​Camo and Flower designs, to more understated black styles. (Of course, louder designs will divide opinion, but we think they look great, and making sure you can find your bag in the middle of a busy airport is an absolute must, so these help here.)

Augio Alpha Travel Cover

Test the Ogio Travel Case Mid

(Source: Golf Monthly)

We’ve had the pleasure of testing a number of great products from the brand recently, including the Ogio Alpha Travel Case Medium, and it’s an excellent product.

In our tests it transported seamlessly thanks to its sturdy wheels, another thing worth noting is that it comes with 360° reinforced foam padding and skid plates for further wear protection, giving the bag Extra structure helps keep your clubs safe and secure during transport. There are additional compression straps around the outside of the bag, a design feature designed to keep clubs and other equipment from moving inside the bag.

Notably, this great travel case has plenty of storage space for your clubs, shoes, waterproofing, and any extras you think you’ll need while traveling!

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