These Brand New Drivers Are Now At Their Lowest Price This Amazon Prime Day

These Brand New Drivers Are Now At Their Lowest Price This Amazon Prime Day

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When it comes to golf bags, the driver is undoubtedly the most important club. Think about it, if you can’t get the ball off the tee, you’re less likely to score well and create birdie and par opportunities.

Admittedly, drivers do tend to be the most expensive clubs, but Amazon Prime Day is helping out this year, as there are multiple models for significantly less than MSRP, and some of the best golf clubs available $100 off now for July. Below, we’ve reviewed the best deals, with each driver tested and reviewed by the Golf Monthly team.

Amazon Prime Day features two of the best TaylorMade drivers, with the TaylorMade Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 Plus often used on pro tracks.

The standard Stealth 2 is more of an all-rounder, benefiting those who can’t find the center of the clubface at impact, while the Stealth 2 Plus is designed for faster swingers with its compact profile Favors better players. Now we should say that we liked how both drivers fared in testing, and we’re actually quite surprised to see such a new model with such a deep discount right now.

Like the TaylorMade Stealth 2, the Cobra Aerojet also has Amazon Prime Day price cuts, earning it a spot in our 2023 Editors’ Choice awards with an impressive offering.

In our testing, we think Cobra continues to solidify its reputation of producing top performance drives at more affordable prices. We were particularly impressed that the ballhead still has the classic profile at impact and incorporates new technologies such as a new aerodynamic shape and the new “PWR-Bridge” for increased speed and distance in the Behaved very well throughout. In addition to the standard model, the Aerojet LS delivers on the promise of a low spin count that will appeal to confident hitters looking for a softer sound at impact.

Wilson is known for making some of the most forgiving drivers on the market, and their Dynapower is their latest addition for 2023. Not only is it one of the most adjustable drivers the brand has ever created, but this carbon fiber version is designed for better players. Note that the carbon fiber panels on the bottom and top make the weight of the head more efficient.

At under $420, this driver is an excellent value and offers a variety of stiffness, regular and premium shafts to suit your game. In testing, we found it delivered on its promise of neutral to slight hook shape deviations, while the adjustability definitely helps optimize your ball flight.

Wilson Dynapwr Driver

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