These Excellent Strata Package Sets Are At The Lowest Price We’ve Seen On Amazon Prime Day

These Excellent Strata Package Sets Are At The Lowest Price We’ve Seen On Amazon Prime Day

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One of the best golf club sets is perfect for beginners because it fills many gear boxes at once. Beginners who buy the kit get a driver, wood or hybrid, a set of forgiveness irons, a putter and a bag in one purchase, which is enough for those just starting out in the game to see progress. That’s not least because many of the clubs we’ve tested are actually pretty good quality – see our best golf club set for beginners buying guide for proof of our point.

This brings us to the Strata suit. We’ve tested both men’s and women’s sets, and we know exactly what beginners will get from each model. Not only are they extremely forgiving, which is a plus for beginners, but they launch golf balls into the air with ease and provide plenty of distance, making them a very viable option. In fact, the full price of these bundles is really good value, but we have noticed that they are discounted regularly, and this Prime Day is no exception, as you can get 25% off a few different bundles. In fact, the current price is also the lowest we’ve ever seen.

First up is the Strata Ladies Golf Set, which comes in a variety of different options, from 11-piece (Strata), 14-piece (Strata Plus) to 16-piece (Ultimate), the latter of which we’ve tested.

The Ultimate set consists of a 12° Titanium driver, fairway woods, 4 and 5 hybrids, 6-9 irons, PW, SW and putters, all in a stylish and functional stand-up bag . On paper, all clubs have a large footprint that inspires confidence at aim, and in our testing we were particularly impressed with the irons and drivers, which provide forgiveness and help let the ball Take off, especially if your swing speed is below average. It’s worth noting that, unfortunately, this set is not available for left-handed options.

Turning to the Strata Men’s Golf Set, it again offers a great value with plenty of set options, and we had the pleasure of testing that model as well. Drivers and irons are where this set really shines, and its forgiveness and ease of play make it one of the best options around.

For irons, the topline is nice and thick to inspire confidence at aim, and the generous amount of offset should suit those who tend to hook the ball. As far as the driver goes, it has a 460cc head and a regular flex shaft for maximum forgiveness among the toughest clubs in the bag. Many faces can be seen on the scene, and with the big head, it looks very attractive. It’s worth noting that we tested the Ultimate version, which is a 16-piece set with 11 clubs, but you can also choose from 9-, 12- or 14-piece options.

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