This Is The Best Rangefinder Deal We Have Seen Today (but it won’t be around forever!)

This Is The Best Rangefinder Deal We Have Seen Today (but it won’t be around forever!)

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A key design principle of all the best golf rangefinders is that they strive to give you accurate and reliable yardages so you can make the most informed decision when choosing a club for a particular shot. This is where the TecTecTec KLYR Laser Rangefinder really excels. After testing the device extensively on the course, we were impressed with its performance and value considering its price point. In fact, it’s even better on Amazon Prime Day with a 20% discount, but that’s what Amazon calls a Lightning Deal, so it won’t last long.

One of the most affordable golf rangefinders we’ve tested recently, the KLYR is a compact and easy-to-handle device that weighs less than 1.25 pounds. It does feel comfortable in the hand and feels very solid. The colored rubber housing on the rangefinder is also a welcome addition, providing plenty of grip and giving us plenty of control when keeping the product on target. It also comes with a magnetic strip, which means you can attach it to the side of your golf cart for easier access.

We also had no problem getting quick and accurate yardages at ranges over 400 yards, and the rangefinder targeting system proved to be very useful when picking pins. The unit also has a ramp function that can be turned on and off when not in use. We actually tested this rangefinder against Bushnell’s top model and they often came up with the same numbers and were never more than a yard or two apart.

It offers a bright, vibrant display that is very easy to read, plus it has a few other features that also add to its overall value. When you purchase this laser, TecTecTec includes a carrying case to clip it to your golf bag and it also has a magnetic belt clip. Overall, it’s an excellent rangefinder with a wealth of features for value compared to other models.

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