Wow! One of The Coolest Golf Cart Products We Have Tested Has A Huge Discount On Amazon Prime Day

Wow! One of The Coolest Golf Cart Products We Have Tested Has A Huge Discount On Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day is a great time to find great deals on golf gear. There are plenty of deals on clubs, balls, and other products—(see our Amazon Prime Day Golf Deals Center for our top picks)—but we’ve also found a deal V2 on one of the coolest products we’ve tested, the Alphard Club Booster.

You may be wondering what is the Alphard Club Booster V2? Well, this unique product, which made our 2023 Editors’ Choice list, lets you turn an ordinary stroller into a remote-controlled one, it’s that easy!

The best electric golf carts are known to perform amazingly on the course, especially when they allow you to conserve energy and focus on your game. However, all this performance comes at a higher price. The best carts also perform well on the course, but if there’s an opportunity to improve the experience, why not grab it?

So if you like the lightweight nature of your current carts, but want all the benefits of a hands-free remote controlled golf cart, then the Alphard Club Booster V2 is the way to go. This unique device effectively replaces the rear wheel of your current trolley chassis and, with the help of a bluetooth remote, will give you your very own remote controlled electric trolley.

So, what do you get with this deal? Included with the Club Booster V2 is the rear chassis itself, which houses the rechargeable battery, bluetooth remote, two rear anti-roll wheels and all the various charging cables for the Booster and remote.

What’s more, the number of carts that are fully compatible with the Club Booster V2 is outstanding. This includes any three wheel Clicgear cart; Sun Mountain Speed ​​Cart, Micro and Pathfinder 3 & 4 models; Bagboy Nitron, Quad XL, Compact 3 and Tri-swivel, Rovic R1S and RV1C; all Caddytek models; Tour 360; all Axglo models and Big Max Blade IQ. This is a fairly extensive list, but shall we say that the only V2 models currently offered are those compatible with the Sun Mountain Micro and Pathfinder models.

Assembly was a bit fiddly in testing, but once it’s assembled, you won’t have to do it again. Attaching the booster via two clips, it becomes the rear wheel of a trolley, and in particular, we were impressed with how quickly the Bluetooth remote paired.

Rear of the Alphard Club Booster V2

(Image source: Future)

Not only does the wide base provide amazing stability on a variety of terrains, but the integrated 6-axis gyroscope detects the topography of the golf course every 10 milliseconds. This helps ensure the cart is always pointing in the right direction, and in testing we were amazed at how precisely the Club Booster V2 was controlled and how responsive it was.

Overall, this is an amazing product and an ideal investment for golfers who already love carts and now want to benefit from the hands-free enjoyment that a long-range golf cart provides.

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