Cobra Irons by Year: 30+ Years of Forgiveness



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Cobra irons are among the most forgiving irons on the market.

Although younger than Titleist, TaylorMade, or PING irons, Cobra irons are still as popular with golfers as their drivers.

Years after the first was released in 1991 – the Greg Norman Signature Forged – Cobra irons old and new are still popular today.

So let’s take a look at all the Cobra Irons by Year so you can find out everything there is to know about these…

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Complete List of Cobra Irons by Year

We went through the Cobra archives to find a list of all the irons, including King Cobra irons by year:

Will there be new Cobra irons in 2023?

king cobra-cb-mb-iron set

Cobra has released new irons for 2023. The King Tour irons and King CB/MB irons come out on January 12th. Less than a month later, on February 10, Cobra released the Aerojet irons. The Tour irons are $1,299.99, the CB/MB irons are $1,199.99, and the Aerojet irons are $999.

So the King Cobra irons will continue their story in 2023.

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See how Cobra irons have evolved over the years


Cobra began its journey of steel with golf star Greg Norman of the ’80s and ’90s as its face. The signature forged line was Cobra’s first iron, kicking off a long line of irons.

A year later, King Cobra irons came out, and two years later, Cobra released its first oversized irons. The brand then continued with many oversized irons throughout the ’90s.

It would be interesting to read old King Cobra Oversize iron reviews now, though just to see how they compare to modern irons…


The turn of the century is the hallmark of Cobra. In 2001, the Baffler Multi-Metal irons—commonly known as hybrid irons—were introduced. The idea is to combine a long iron design with a higher lofted fairway metal.

The King Cobra SS-i irons followed and were loved for their oversized cavity, thin face and perimeter weighting.

There are women’s Cobra Oversized irons and men’s irons.

Later in the decade in 2009, the S2 irons followed suit. These focus on high performance game enhanced irons for the avid golfer. For lower handicappers, there’s the S2 Forged Irons, which offer control and distance, as well as forgiveness.

2010s and 2020s

There have been many changes to irons over the past 10+ years. Still due for release in 2023, the One Length irons first launched in 2017 with the F-Max. The One Length irons have the same specifications as the 7 irons. This is created by removing weight from the shorter irons and adding clubhead weight to the longer irons.

The game-changing extra fits golfers with the same swing and helps maintain consistency.

In recent years, Cobra’s goal has been to provide not only very forgiving irons, but also high levels of speed and distance. Irons like the King Speedzone and F9 Speedback offer just that. For the latter, we take a look at the King Cobra irons with advanced flex.

There are even copper irons for 2021 for better feel and better control.

LTDx – represents the longest total distance – focusing on, you guessed it, distance. It comes with a low CG distance, making it ideal for moderately handicapped people.

Now, the 2023 irons, featuring the Aerojet and King Tour irons, aim to continue the trend towards longer distances and faster speeds without sacrificing forgiveness. The Aerojet can also achieve low level spin. Only time will tell if they will go down in history.

final thoughts

It’s fair to argue that Cobra irons and drivers have become lesser known compared to other brands. For what reason? The latest top-of-the-line irons have everything you could possibly want, and at a great price.

The history may not be as long as some other brands – but they’ve certainly made up for it with the quality of the club now.

Now that you know all there is to know about Cobra irons, hopefully we’ve helped you somehow decide if you want to add some to your golf bag.

common problem

When will the Cobra S2 irons be released?

The S2 irons were released in 2009. The US and UK release date is September 14, 2009. The S2 iron set initially retails for $744. There are also forged and max versions of the irons.

What is Cobra’s most forgiving iron?

The new Cobra Aerojet is one of the most forgiving irons the brand has ever made. As well as offering great forgiveness, it’s also excellent for distance. Another new release, the King Tour irons are also a great choice for lower handicappers.

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