TaylorMade Drivers by Year: How They Revolutionized Golf



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You hear that statement a lot these days. But when it comes to describing TaylorMade and its approach to developing drivers and clubs, it fits the bill.

Back in 1979, Gary Adams started TaylorMade Golf with a metal driver with a 12-degree loft.

Now you have a driver that offers a unique carbon fiber face, a very lightweight clubhead and a Thru-Slot Speed ​​Pocket.

So how did this happen and what happened in between? Let’s take a look at all the TaylorMade Drivers by year and how to use TaylorMade Drivers old and new to your advantage.

TaylorMade Driver of the Year List

We find all TaylorMade Driver models by year via the Brand Profiles:

Release year TaylorMade driver
1979 M1/1 metal wood
1980 Pittsburgh Persimmons
1983 Burner
1983 travel burner
1988 recorder plus
1995 burner shaft burner
1997 burner shaft burner 2
2000 300 Series (300 Ti, 320 Ti, and 360 Ti)
year 2002 R510
year 2002 R540
year 2002 R580 XD
year 2002 Burner 420
Year 2003 R510 TP
Year 2003 R360 XD
year 2004 r5 dual type
year 2004 r7
year 2004 r7 Quadruple TP
2005 r7 460
2005 r7 425
2005 r7 425 TP
2005 r5 double TP
year 2006 r7 draw
year 2006 r5 XL
2007 R7 CGB Max
2007 R7 Super Quad Core
2007 Burner
2007 Burner TP
2007 burner draw
2007 Burner Women’s Clothing
Year 2008 r7 co., ltd.
Year 2008 R7 limited to TP
Year 2008 travel burner
Year 2008 Burner TP
2009 R9
2009 R9 460
2010 R9 SuperDeep TP
2010 burner super fast
year 2011 R11
year 2011 Burner Ultra Fast 2.0
2012 R11 trumpet
2012 rocket ball
2012 rocket ball tour
2013 R1
2013 RBZ Phase 2 Bonded
2013 RBZ Stage 2 Tournament TP
2014 SLR 460
2014 SLR 430
2014 SLR White
2014 SLDR Express
2014 DSLR-S Mini
2015 air burner
2015 R15 460
2015 R15 430
2016 M1 460
2016 M1 430
2017 M1 440
2017 M2
2017 M2 D-type
2018 M3
2018 M4
2018 M4-D
2019 M5
2019 M5 tour
2019 M6
2019 M6-D
2019 Original One Mini
2019 M Gloyer
2020 SIM card
2020 SIM MAX
2020 SIM MAX-D
2021 SIM2
2021 SIM2 max
2021 SIM 2 MAX-D
2021 300 mini
2022 invisibility
2022 stealth plus
2022 Stealth HD
2022 Kale Prime
2023 stealth 2
2023 Stealth 2 Plus
2023 stealth 2 hd
2023 Stealth 2 Ladies

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Will there be a new TaylorMade driver in 2023?

TaylorMade has released a new driver for 2023. Following the 2022 Stealth, the Stealth 2, Stealth 2 HD, Stealth 2 Plus, and Stealth 2 Women all arrive on February 17. The focus of this series is to provide distance, forgiveness, playability. They’ll cost you $599.99 to $629.99.

Top TaylorMade Drivers Over the Years

Here, we look through the history of TaylorMade drivers to find the top drivers ever released.

TaylorMade Drivers of the 2000s

Taylormade-r7-four drive

300 series

The turn of the century was a big year for TaylorMade as the release of the 300 Series made it the top driver on tour. Each of the 3 clubs targets a different player with different launch styles through different clubhead shapes, sizes, weight distribution, lie angles and shaft lengths.

r7 quad core

2004 saw the release of the r7 quad with moveable weight technology that is still in use almost 20 years on. Depending on launch conditions, golfers can vary the weight placement to optimize performance.

r7 Chinese government bonds

This driver helps take TaylorMade adjustability to the next level. Interchangeable hosel system means the club head can be removed and swapped between 3 different shafts.

TaylorMade Drivers of the 2010s



At the time, it was the most technical driver TaylorMade had ever made. There are adjustment options for loft, head weight and face angle. Not only that, but the white finish is simply stunning.

rocket ball

Released in 2012, the Rocketballz driver uses flight control technology to adjust the club’s loft and face angle. The aerodynamic properties of the driver allow for faster clubhead speeds and greater distance. It also offers ample forgiveness.


Describe this club in one word: speed. The driver is injected with speed to reach the threshold of the ball speed maximum limit. Ball speed remains constant even on off-center hits.

Twist Face technology, also featured on the M6, provides more consistent shot spin and straighter hits.

TaylorMade Drivers for the 2020s

invisible driver

TaylorMade Golf Stealth Driver 9.0 Right Hand

The Stealth is very forgiving and sounds and feels great. The club is lightweight, so it’s handy for those with high handicaps or slower swing speeds. The driver is also very handsome. It’s not cheap, but if you want the premium clubs, you’ll need to pay top dollar.

Stealth Plus drive

TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver 9.0 Left Hand

If you have a faster swing, you’ll be better suited for the Stealth Plus. It’s focused on optimizing ball speed and distance so you get more yards on the field. This is created by a more forward center of gravity to create longer launches with less spin.


TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver Men's Right Hand Graphite Hard 9 Degrees Tensei AV Original Blue

SIM 2 is all about control and distance. An adjustable loft cover means you can decide more about where you want to shoot. It’s also forgiving thanks to precision-milled aluminum, so it’s lightweight, strong, and powerful.

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How TaylorMade Irons Evolved and Improved

80s and 90s

TaylorMade’s first drivers used persimmons in their drivers — the first metal-wood combination — earning their drivers the nickname the Pittsburgh Persimmons.

The TaylorMade Burner driver was a close second, as were the ’80s and ’90s variants. It was a top driver in the mid 80’s. The dimples on the side of the burner are used to increase clubhead speed — as early as 1983, TaylorMade wanted to increase the speed gain.

The original TaylorMade Burner release dates back to 1983, but there are also 1988, 1995, and 1997 models.


As we mentioned, the turn of the century was a remarkable year for TaylorMade. The 300 series is beloved because it accommodates different swing styles. Additionally, they were the first riders to meet or exceed the USGA COR limit.

The r7 quad, introduced 4 years later, featured removable counterweight technology. 2 years later the r7 460 has this change. This is the first driver to feature this technology with a 460cc head. The r7 CGB supports a customizable shaft for increased adjustability.


The R11 comes with the first-ever white crown – a thing of beauty. Adjustability is also widely discussed, including options for loft, weight and loft.

A decade later, TaylorMade introduced the first driver made of multiple materials. The M1 – a nod to the original 1 Metalwood – and the M2 both consist of titanium, a carbon toe plate and a carbon composite crown.

Twist Face technology, which came with the M3 and M4, uses a corrective face angle to create a more consistent straight hit.


TaylorMade has gone from strength to strength over the decades and continues to do so in recent years. The SIM, SIM2, Stealth and Stealth 2 series all help different golfers play their best.

Stealth ushers in the era of carbon wood after titanium. The Carbon Twist Face is specifically focused on creating better energy transfer and faster ball speed.

Now we have the Stealth 2 in 2023. Hopefully we can keep pushing the boundaries.

Tips for Choosing the Right TaylorMade Driver for Your Game

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver Men's Right Hand Graphite Regular 12 Degree Ventus Blue

be aware of your obstacles

Your handicap may help you when evaluating which TaylorMade driver is right for you. The Stealth Driver is very forgiving and lightweight, making it best for players with high handicaps or slower swing speeds.

If you have a low handicap then you may prioritize less spin, more ball speed and distance. That’s where a club like the Stealth Plus will come in handy.

We should note that if you have a higher handicap, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose a driver for a better golfer. They may not be right for you right now, but don’t give up hope of using them. Our advice is to keep trying to get better and get to a level where you really fit the clubs you want to use and get the most out of them.

don’t go over budget

You need to consider how much you are willing to spend on a new driver and stick with it. It’s usually the most expensive single club you own, as it’s likely to be the centerpiece of your golf bag. It has to be trustworthy and effective to get you off the tee.

Some TaylorMade drivers are available for as low as $299.99 new and as high as $579.99 when first released. So know your budget and stick to it in the face of temptation.

Even if it looks and feels right for you, don’t force a purchase if it’s too expensive. There are cheaper alternatives you can buy, which are likely to be very similar. You can easily find good used drives for less than $200.

they need to see the character in your eyes

Although we say don’t go over budget for your dream clubs, you still need to really like them. If your new driver looks business-like, you’ll probably feel your best on the track, too. It just brings confidence in your abilities.

For example, if you are a high handicap player and you have a larger club head, it should offer more forgiveness than other clubs.

Or, if your driver head is small and the design you don’t like, you may lack confidence in hitting the ball. Sometimes, a different design than usual can put golfers off – the white finish of the R11 did have a negative effect on some golfers. You need a club that looks and feels comfortable to play in order to make your tee off.

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final thoughts

The history of TaylorMade riders is now your forte. If questions about them come up in the sports quiz, you’re all set for the results. Every TaylorMade driver is touched, with special focus on the more famous ones.

What’s more, you know how to use the driver to your advantage and get the most out of the different clubs. Enjoy being a part of Driver’s history and make the most of it.

common problem

What is the most popular TaylorMade driver?

The Stealth line is very popular with TaylorMade fans, especially the Stealth Plus. It focuses on golfers with lower handicaps as it allows for faster ball speeds and greater distance. Although the Stealth driver is also very popular and is the best TaylorMade driver ever made.

Which TaylorMade driver has the most forgiveness?

The Stealth HD driver takes the crown for having the most forgiveness. Superior forgiveness is created by better weight distribution and the highest MOI in the Stealth series. It will surely help those who are partial and those who need all forgiveness.

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